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Rivet Design Co. is the creation of Scott Miner, a design engineer and furniture maker. It started with a piano bench for his wife (then friend) and has grown into a passion. It is his belief that hand built, heirloom-quality pieces shouldn’t just be luxury items, but that anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and design should have access to them.

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Project Spotlight:

Tube Amp & Speaker


This is a project that was in the works for almost two years, so I though it deserved a fun little video to showcase. I restored a 1950s Heathkit A7-E mono hifi tube amp and built a speaker cabinet to go with it as a Christmas present for my wife to compliment her dad’s old turntable that she treasures. The amp was completely rebuilt from the ground up using new high-quality audio capacitors and heavier duty resistors, along with a new power supply transformer. The tubes and output transformer are still old, however, and give it a lovely warmth and crispness on the high-end, and a surprisingly mellow and rich low-end, which is quite impressive for a little 7W amp. The wood for the amplifier base and speaker cabinet is 1” thick Sapele, accented by brass hardware.


Design & Build Services

Rivet Design Co. will work with you and your budget to create custom pieces that fit your space. 



Want an original space for your family? Order a custom table for any amount of seats you need. I'll create a piece to fit the size and layout of your room.



Create some space for your books or family photos. Order custom shelving for your living room, kitchen, closet, and home. All shelving comes with original brackets and hardware to fit your space beautifully. 


Cutting Boards

Order and design your unique custom cutting board. Each design is built using a variety of exotic wood accents and sealed properly to last. 


Kitchen Islands

Make your kitchen more usable with a kitchen island. Includes shelving, space for bar stools or whatever you and your family may need for your home.  



Have something you want fixed or restored? I would love to keep your vintage items feeling vintage, like this 1960's bar cart restored using solid walnut to replace the original cheap particleboard.


Have an idea?

What do you need for your home or space? Send me a message and lets start talking! I'd love to help design what you need for your home so that it is both functional and beautiful. Projects not limited to what's listed above. Have an idea for something small like a plant holder or big like a new deck? Click below to send me a message. 


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