About Rivet

Rivet Design Co. is the creation of Scott Miner, a design engineer and furniture maker. It started with a piano bench for his friend (now wife) and has grown into a passion of his. It is his belief that hand built, heirloom-quality pieces shouldn’t just be luxury items, but that anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and design should have access to them.

Every piece with the Rivet name is made with the intention of causing the least negative impact on the environment, which means that most are made from repurposed items and reclaimed wood. Not only is this practice more sustainable, but it adds an element of story to the pieces we create. An oak tabletop made with salvaged floor joists from an 1890s home not only has more visible character from its age and imperfections, but carries with it the story of a previous life.

Whether it’s a boardroom conference table or a child’s step-stool, we approach every project with the same three ideals: make it functional, make it beautiful, make it well.